Friday, January 24, 2014

Troegenator beer label illustration.

My version of the Troegenator illustration.
I often see designs and illustrations that I think could be far better than they are, and the label illustration for Troegenator Doublebock Beer is one of them. The current artwork being used has a ton of potential but the execution just isn't quite there. So, after whining to myself about it for years now, I finally did my own version.

The new illustration is very stylized, and uses a lot of bold lines and flat areas of color. While the original version of the illustration is quite busy, my version has a bit of a cleaner, more simplified look to it. I used all of the same colors minus the red. I felt that it was a bit too much and looked out of place in the illustration. As they say, "Less is more", "Simpler is better"... I try to stick to that philosophy in everything I design and it has served me well all of these years.

The redesigned illustration looks a lot more professional and I think it would be a winner on the beer label and packaging as well as on branded products like t-shirts.

The current imagery for Troegenator may have served them well for a lot of years now. But I think that Troegs has reached a point where they need to improve the quality of some of their existing label designs.

P.S. The Troegs, Mad Elf label illustration is next. :)

Current Troegenator label.

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