Wednesday, August 14, 2013

JCSU sports logo rebrand

This is a proposed design for a rebranding of the Johnson C. Smith University, Golden Bulls sports logo.

The old logo needed some serious work. The bull does not quite have the look that you would expect for a college sports program. I don't think the varying line weights in the bull mascot were working very well and the overall style sort of looked like inexpensive clipart.

The font for the logo was definitely a weak point with a very generic "college style" font. Having the college name at an angle also seemed a bit awkward within the logo design.

The redesigned logo keeps the blue and gold colors but sports a new mascot design and font. The bull has a bolder, stylized look with a more dynamic pose that indicates action.

A better font was selected for the logo that was customized with highlights. The name of the university was set in a simple font to set it apart from the team name. Also, the university name is very long, so simplifying the font helped to keep it from being an overwhelming element within the design that is still legible at a smaller size.

The new logo steps it up and delivers a dynamic and versatile design that better represents the university sports teams and athletic program.

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