Thursday, August 08, 2013

Brochure redesign.

The owner of Diamond IT realized that the brochure designs for his company were just not cutting it in terms of quality and overall presentation. The brochures were not nearly as professional as they needed to be and did not properly represent the company. I was hired to give the brochures a much needed redesign that more effectively brands the company and their services.

Overall, the brochure was far too plain and lacked refinement. It definitely needed more color and new images. There were also inconsistencies with the type in the brochure. Most noticeably in the inside panels where some paragraphs are formatted differently as well as a mix of serif and sans serif fonts.

For the new brochures I used new images that made far better use of color and size to create a more visually interesting design. The type issues were corrected with one font for all of the text as well as consistent formatting for the paragraphs.

There is no rule stating that all of the content in a trifold brochure has to be contained within the vertical panels. It's not bad if it follows that format, but it is very typical. To deviate from that typical look, I took one panel of information, blocked it off, and laid it out across two panels. This blocked section creates a more visually interesting element and breaks up the vertical space. The same image from the cover was used in the background as well as the the blue color to keep a consistent look throughout the brochure.

When you compare the old and new brochures you can see how much more impact the new design has with better use of type, color, and imagery.

The design was applied to two other brochures. While each has its own set of color combinations, and images, they maintain the same overall formatting which helps establish a cohesive, recognizable, and professional appearance.

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