Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No! Bad Ravens!

In 1998 a jury ruled in favor of Baltimore, Md. security guard and amateur artist Fred Bouchat, in a lawsuit against the Baltimore Ravens for copyright infringement over the team logo.

Bouchat was asked by a team backer who saw his logo to fax a copy of the drawing to an office shared by team owner Art Modell. Months later, the ravens released a brand-spanking new logo, which, shall we say, looked suspiciously similar.

The Ravens organization denied that anyone associated with the team ever saw the sketch by Bouchat and that the logo was a completely original design by a league artist.

Now, It's hard to decide which is worse. Is it that they stole Bouchat's design or that they tried to deny it when they are so obviously guilty?

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Zachary Ziegler said...

You should become an advisor to an IP attorney. I know a good one.