Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oakland Raiders logo concept.

I've always thought that the Oakland Raiders could benefit from a new logo design. Unfortunately, they seem to be one of the few teams left in the NFL that have not bothered doing so. I can't say that I blame them either since the Raiders logo is pure nostalgia. I'm sure that any attempt at officially redesigning it would lead to nationwide protests and incur the full wrath of the internet .

So, here is my version of the Raiders logo. I kept the shield and the oldschool helmet in the design. The real departure in the design is the face which I replaced with a skull. I also created a secondary logo using the sword which could also be used as a standalone element without the Raiders name.

Oakland Raiders Logo Concepts

Raiders logo evolution.


Anonymous said...

The 1997-2007 Buffalo Sabres are fans of your secondary logo.

Marco Echevarria said...

They are?! Excellent.

Deborah Richards said...

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