Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bad typefaces...

Pictured above: Comic Sans, Hobo, Papyrus, Danube, Copperplate.

Pictured above are 5 of the most commonly used, horrible typefaces, that you should never use. What makes these so bad? It's either bad design, the fact that they are overused or a combination of both. 

Take a stroll trough any grocery store and you will quickly lose count of how many times you see the dreaded "Papyrus" typeface. This has to be the number one, most overused typeface right now. You'll most likely see it prominently displayed on packaging for Asian products or anything that is being marketed as organic or healthy. 

The second most overused typefaces has to be "Comic Sans". Unleashed on the unsuspecting masses by Microsoft,  in 1994 as part of the Windows operating system, Comic Sans has since graced the pages of many a corporate newsletter and daycare sign. It held the top spot on the list of overused typefaces until being dethroned by Papyrus in recent years. 

In a perfect world all printed and electronic copies of these typefaces would be strapped to a rocket and shot into outer space on an intercepting path towards the sun, never to be spoken of again. Unfortunately, this is not happening any time soon so I'll have to settle for spreading the word and getting a few people to make better choices when selecting type.

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