Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Golden State Warriors logo redesign.

Last week the Golden State Warriors basketball team unveiled a new team logo and branding elements. When I first saw this I honestly thought it was a fake logo posted as a joke by someone on the forum I was looking through. I was later shocked to find out that it was in fact the real deal after reading an official article about the rebranding.


The logo is supposed to be an homage to the "The City" logo that was on the team jerseys from 1966 to 1971. That vintage logo is nothing to brag about but it at least has that kitschy, nostalgic, old school flavor that is indicative of that period in time. Unfortunately, the only flavor the new logo has is the bitter taste of flat out bad design.

According to Warriors president Robert Rowell, the logo has a "clean and traditional look", but plain and boring would be a more accurate description. It seems to be everything that an NBA logo shouldn't be. The logo is generic and seems more fitting for some sort of corporate organization or event than an NBA team. The bridge illustration is amateurish and the choice of Copperplate for the awkwardly set type is not very appealing at all.

The previous Warriors logo, even with the issues in the way the warrior figure is illustrated, is still far batter than the new design. You would think that they would take this opportunity to create a stronger logo that would better represent the team. Instead, they ended up with a poorly executed design which I can honestly say has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. 

I have a feeling that this logo will get the ax and be redesigned again after one season. If they're smart they should be back at the drawing board right now and just have a new design done before the next NBA season even starts. 

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