Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nice logo...

This area is a big hub for truck stops so I've had the opportunity to see tons of trucking company logos. After years of seeing all of these logos I've come to the conclusion that at least 95% them are complete and total garbage. Seriously, it's like a bad logo parade every day. From bad, outdated typography to icons and illustrations that are nowhere near the quality that should be used to represent a company. I can almost hear the conversation now. "What, hire a professional designer?!?. Why waste the money when I can do it myself."

Fortunately there are glimmers of hope in the industry. Take for example Knight Transportation that has an office just up the road. This is a logo that other transportation companies should be looking at with envy. The icon is very well designed by incorporating the imagery of a knight and horse as part of the K. That's a lot to incorporate into one image and still keep it looking clean and legible without making it look forced. It still appears like the letter K and all of the elements are easily recognizable.

Their logo was not always this good. Up until about five years ago they had a logo that would have gotten the same disapproving glare that I give to every other poorly designed logo I see rolling by me on the road. It was definitely a good move on their part to rebrand. The change was also reflected in the company website which was also redesigned with a far better layout. I'm sure all of their collateral and marketing materials all got a good facelift as well. Kudos to them for having the ability to see that an improvement was needed and going through with a successful rebranding. (Insert golf clap here).

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