Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey, that looks familiar...

This past Monday I ventured over to, a website where designers post logo designs they have created for review or just to show off their latest work. After a short while of looking through pages of logos I instantly recognized an image as one that I created about six months ago. It turns out that a member of the site named Julie Kapral, AKA JulieK, a 16 year old "designer", decided that she was going to take credit for my work. And take credit she did. With seemingly jubilant excitement she thanked people for posting compliments for the illustration she claimed to have created.

I posted in the thread and in the site forum that I was the real creator of the work. A rebuttal was quickly posted by JulieK stating that she did not steal the work. Then admitting she did not make the illustration but got it from a book and then implying that perhaps I did not create the illustration either and probably used the same source that she got it from. After promising to show a scan of the book she got the illustration from the next day she was not heard from again. I later went on to find other work on her site that was created by other artists. It's almost certain that every piece in her portfolio was plagiarized. Her work has since been pulled from and her personal website is no longer up on the web.

The worst part of this is that She actually sold some logos on a website where pre-made logos can be purchased. These logos were most likely other designers work and were probably trademarked by the companies that are originally using the designs. That means that there are some companies out there that can potentially be sued for copyright infringement even if they did not know the work was plagiarized.

Do I feel bad for calling out a 16 year old? Hell no I do not. I wonder if that's her real name, if she's really 16 or even a girl.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't beleive what I have just read. I have been admiring Julie's work on Logopond for a while now, blissfully unaware of her now obvious plagerism. I'm a 17 year old student designer and I remember thinking "Wow this girl seems like a really nice and skillful designer, I wish I were half as talented as her". I just can't beleive that someone could lie through their teeth and take credit for work by some very talented designers such as yourself. It just astounds me that she gracefully accepted all those positive comments for her copied logos. I am extremly glad you called her out on this and you definatly shouldn't feel bad about it. I apologise for my rather long rant, I just had to get this out there.

Leighton Hubbell said...

I am sorry about the situation with your stolen works.

I think I am just as stunned as the rest of the design community that knew Julie Kapral. Coming off some of the other recent plagiarism events of another designer, it really irks me that people trying to make an honest living doing design are willfully ripped off by these fakes.

It seems to me that so many fledgling 'designers' are trying way too hard to be the next rock star logo designer that they would risk so much for a little bit of praise.

Whatever happened to paying your dues and working hard for it? That's far more rewarding than the empty feeling of stolen praise.

From the looks of JulieK's internet, website and blog saturation, she had a voracious appetite for approval and praise that her very inexperienced and rather limited design talents could not support. I hope she learned her lesson.

Elly said...

I'm new to starting my own design website and doing my graphic work and I would be so freaking pissed off that a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD was saying my work was hers.

She won't get far, clearly she has no creativity, individuality or skill if she has to steal your work. I know it's crap, but it's kind of a compliment she stole yours. Even if she is a bitch for doing so.

Sneh | LBOI Blog said...

Kudos to you for getting to the bottom of this!

I always felt like her style was inconsistent, but then I was new to this and thought I didn't know any better. But I am also wary of people who beg just about everyone to promote them/vote for them/do favors for them and end every "beg" with kisses and hugs! That is thoroughly unprofessional, you will not catch a real, self-respecting designer doing that .. 16 years or 60 years, true professionalism is respecting your work enough to NOT do that.

And playing the "teen" card, again what's wrong with you?

So, even though I had a gut feeling that something was not right, I am still amazed that it turned out to be true, I cannot imagine how some people have no morals or scruples at all.

I am glad fakers/posers like that get ousted sooner or later. It is but only fair to honest designers like yourself and us :-)

Trish said...

you need to update the logos image. that pear logo was confirmed stolen as well.

Gareth Hardy said...

Sade times. Glad you ousted her and took the rightful credit for your awesome work. Please don't let this situation put you off submitting your work to Logopond though.

Fabian said...

Something always seem off with her,all fake sugar sweetness*HUGS*.Great job on shutting her down and exposing a thief.